• Mediator

  • Arbitrator

  • Discovery Referee

  • Appellate Consultant


Types of Cases Handled:

• FEHA (age, gender, race, ethnicity discrimination)
• Workplace harassment
• Constructive discharge
• Discharge against public policy
• Employee/independent contractor issues
• Exempt vs. non-exempt employees
• Non-compete clauses/confidentiality agreements
• Wage and hour disputes
• Family leave
• Whistleblowers
• Wrongful termination

Representative Cases:

  • Plaintiff alleged that she was harassed by a co-worker who directed her duties, but who was supervised by others.

  • Defendant allegedly paid plaintiff a salary rather than hourly pay. Plaintiff sued for overtime due, split shift premiums, and missed meal and rest breaks.


Hon. Maria P. Rivera  (Ret.)​
First District Court of Appeal